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Every show about a brainiac is in want of a eureka moment. On last night's season finale of Silicon Valley, the lightbulb turned on thanks to an elaborate riff on manually pleasuring the mostly male audience at TechCrunch Disrupt—all in order to win the conference's startup competition.

Before the HBO series launched, Mike Judge promised a "sophisticated" dick joke that "just went on and on." In the process, he also managed to blaspheme the sacred equation-on-whiteboard/algorithm-on-window scene, which is already pretty masturbatory exercise. Who use permanent marker to write on a window?!

Pied Piper, the startup in the show, makes a compression algorithm to send audio and video files faster. For their TechCrunch Disrupt demo, the characters are trying to beat a fictional "Weissman score." Judge worked with Tsachy Weissman, an electrical engineering professor at Stanford, and Ph.D. student Vinith Misra to invent the realistic-seeming compression algorithm.

According to Weissman, it's actually possible to make compression twice as fast, like Pied Piper did. Just needs the right dick joke for inspiration.

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