Google is launching a new collection of frames and shades for Google Glass, designed by fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. The DVF | Made for Glass collection looks more like regular spectacles than previous iterations—even if the titanium and shield frames are decidedly retro. Just one problem: there appears to be a computing protrusion jutting out from the corner?

Improving the frames is like dabbing some fancy concealer on a red honking clown nose, or whitening your teeth when there's piece of spinach stuck between 'em. It doesn't really address the problem. People will still stare.

That does not seem to be a deterrent for "Explorers," as the company refers to its willing guinea pigs. The more we laugh and point and ban them from bars, the more they close ranks and see themselves as a misunderstood subgroup. Plus, if you're shelling out $1,725 for a DVF-designed frame with Glass and prescriptive lenses or $1,620 for sunglasses plus Glass, you probably want people to notice.

The designs will go on sale starting June 23rd and can be purchased on Net-a-Porter as well as Google. In an interview with Elle magazine, von Furstenberg waxes nostalgic about New York Fashion Week in 2012 when some of her models sported Glass and Sergey Brin had a front-row seat. She mentions the unprecedented video they created from a model's perspective on the catwalk, but not, well, how they looked.

When Elle's fashion news direct Anne Slowey admits she's a "complete" technophobe, von Furstenberg gracefully throws up her hands: "It is a computer on your brow. That's it."

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