Until now, the privilege of strapping cellphone components and a camera to one's face has been reserved for a vanguard of privacy-eschewing, society-flouting Google devotees—the "Glass Explorers." But a new report shows Google is planning to let the general public buy dystopian skull accessories.

Per The Verge:

The company will open up its "Explorer Program" and make Glass available to anyone who wants to purchase a pair, possibly as soon as next week. It'll be a limited-time offer, only available for about a day, and only US residents will be eligible to purchase the $1,500 device. Google will also include a free sunglass shade or one of its newly-introduced prescription glasses frames along with any purchase. An internal Google slide shows that the promotion may be announced on April 15th, though all the details of this program have yet to be finalized.

Given that Glass will still cost you $1,500, this is still out of reach for almost every citizen of the United States, or any other country. But now you don't just have to be a well-connected sociopath to get in on the recordin' and eyeball computin'—you just need money. A gadget for the people.

Photo: Getty