Joshua Kushner was born into wealth, mild manners, a good last name, good genetics, and then went on to make a handful of ace investments. Now, his streak continues: the boy wonder VC is dating Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss. Mazel tov, Josh: the models aren't just for Wall Street anymore.

Instagram isn't Harvard-educated Kushner's only big hit: he's dunked money into A-list startups like Warby Parker and Kickstarter through his venture firm, Thrive Capital. Now he's dunking Kloss into expensive bodies of water in beautiful locales, as documented through—what else—Instagram. According to this snap, they've been together at least since December.

There was a time when a beautiful face and powerful surname would land you in Banker Land—at least if you wanted to date women who hit the cover of Vogue. But geeks have graduated from opportunistically shacking up with PR women to the real deal. Mainstream beauty. Enjoy it, Josh—you and Sean should double date. [BI]

Kloss Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty

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