Lyft is a popular Bay Area app that seeks to turn San Franciscans into private drivers for one another, under the lovely euphemism "ridesharing." Naturally, cab drivers feel threatened, and there's been plenty of grumbling. Now we hear the grumbling is turning to face-punches.

Lyft, like Uber, Seamless, and all sorts of pixel indulgences, is premised on one (largely correct) assumption about Americans: we're vacuums of self-control surrounded by fatty pockets of laziness. We want our shit now, and those with the means will pay for expedited whatever. It's true, we really are human garbage, and there's a lot of money to be made in catering to our particular stink. Cabbies don't want to be edged out of the biz. They feel threatened.

They are threatened, even though Lyft drivers, who are mainly just regular dudes forced to pin magenta mustaches to their cars, aren't that threatening in person. The bitterness is boiling over, according to our tipster in SF:

I work in a sf bar and have been hearing the disgruntled bitching of the local cabbies over lyft/sidecar for quite sometime. However, yesterday my girlfriend heard the first tipoff that things may have turned violent.

She and her girlfriend were taking lyft back to our apartment when they were greeted by a driver without the signature pink mustache on his car. When they asked him about it he informed them that many drivers weren't sticking them on their cars since a lyft driver had been jumped and hospitalized by several cabbies. He claimed that they were waiting to release details because litigation was pending against the cab company.

Another Lyft driver told me he'd also heard of the fighting, but couldn't corroborate it—and certainly hadn't been socked himself. This wouldn't be a problem if there were some sort of Uber for ambulances, but for now any victims in the war between Valley chauffeurs and cab drivers will require municipal intervention.

Please email me if you're a Lyft driver who has been punched, done punching, or a witness to any of the above.

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