If you can't birth a genuinely good idea, there's a mounting body of evidence saying you should try the most deliberately stupid idea possible. How about a storage unit company that's calling itself a technology startup?

The convergence of practical joke and multi-million dollar company continues apace: TechCrunch calls New York-based MakeSpace "the Dropbox for physical storage."Dropbox is of course a tech company that uses physical storage as a metaphor for the digital storage it sells. "Dropbox for boxes" is commonly known as "just some fucking regular boxes, you charlatans." But, with a straight face, MakeSpace repeatedly describes itself as a "cloud" company:

We're creating the best way to store your physical stuff in the cloud. We believe storage should be convenient, seamless, and always available on-demand where ever you are.


MakeSpace Air is your closet in the cloud via mail. You tell us how many boxes you'll need to store, we'll email you shipping labels, and then you send them our way. Now you can "upload" your physical things to the cloud from anywhere in the United States. (APO/FPO locations coming Spring 2014)

In this case, however, the "cloud" you're "uploading" your "old shoes and dusty Dreamcast" is actually not a cloud hosting setup, but a" warehouse...located just a few miles outside of Manhattan." TechCrunch is in on the gag:

Users pay $25/month to get four bins worth of storage. But the key here is that users have on-demand delivery and drop-off of all those items, not unlike a download or upload to a cloud storage service.

Makes sense. Why, just this morning, I uploaded some water into my mouth via cup in my apartment. So, really, this is a storage unit business that's received over $10 million in venture capital backing. I know that $10 million is essentially bee piss in a world where WhatsApp goes for $19 billion, but the idea of "ten million dollars" really need to start meaning something again. Until then: yes, yes, a million times yes—we are in a bubble.

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