Uploading a smartphone video recording of the Kanyedashian proposal seemed like a good idea. YouTube creator Chad Hurley has been struggling to find a second success, and putting hot celeb videos on MixBit—his newest project—drummed up instant interest. Unfortunately, Kanye West is furious.

TMZ says Hurley violated a non-disclosure agreement by publishing the video—which was immediately the longest and most detailed look at the lavish ballpark ceremony:

Our sources say they are PISSED OFF that someone present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it. The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a confidentiality agreement. We're told a lawsuit is imminent.

It seems like Yeezus and Mary were OK with a few Instagrams from their guests, but Hurley's footage went beyond snapshots—and has racked up almost 1.5 million views since last week. We were wondering why the hell the co-founder of YouTube was at Kanye West's marriage proposal, and now, it seems privacy-craving Kanye is wondering the same thing. Here's to MixBit, the startup that pissed off those two famous people that one time.