Beautiful human and fragrance retailer Keira Knightly sat on Jimmy Kimmel's couch last night and discussed a private Silicon Valley screening of her new movie, The Imitation Game, hosted by American billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, American millionaire Harvey Weinstein, and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, a well-known tech investor.

Well, known to people not named Keira Knightley. The actress was still agape at what she encountered during the event at Milner's Los Altos mansion:

Some rich [pause] tech [pause] person called Yuri, who was very nice. I went to Yuri's very large house [shakes head incredulously]. And his friends, who included Mark Zoo-ker-berg and 'Google people' [alien race] called Sergey who was also very nice.

Knightley then tried to explain their unusual movie screening attire:

They had a lot of hoodies [makes gesture of adorning native garb]. Hoodies are big in the tech industry, I found [wide-eyed look of terror]. They love it. And Crocs [bewilderment]? Yeah. Sergey who I assume is a very rich man was wearing—definitely wearing—Crocs!

That would be Google cofounder Sergey Brin, forever doomed to lurk in Hollywood's hedgerow, it seems. Kimmel posited that this wealthy species, operating on a different "plane" than the rest of us, wear "the stupidest most disgusting shoes on the planet" so as not to be "ostentatious."

According to Deadline, many other monied technologists were also present to watch the biopic about computer science pioneer Alan Turing. But even Deadline had to decode the importance of this Yuri character for its readers:

The Oscar race just came to Silicon Valley. And leave it to Harvey Weinstein to make it happen. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hosted a private screening, along with Weinstein and Digital Sky Technologies billionaire Yuri Milner (he's a big technology investor in Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants, and pictured below with star Keira Knightley and Zuckerberg), of The Imitation Game. The film, which opens Nov. 28, was screened for about 100 of the tech industry's top names, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Linkedin's Reid Hoffman, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Airbnb's Nathan Blecharczyk and new "it person" in this world, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

None of the other people, including the latest "it CEO," got a mention on Kimmel. Recent events trying to mash together tech executives and movie stars, like Vanity Fair's tech conference, have gone the same way. Hollywood feels awkward around the richer, presumably smarter people and Silicon Valley thinks showing up in Crocs is going to get them some desperately-needed fashion cred.

However, Knightley did recount a delightful invitation to the future:

Somebody actually came up to me and said [affects gigolo voice], "Well if you ever want to see a spaceship, here's my card,' which has never happened to me before [joy?]. So I may phone him and say, 'Yes, show me spaceships.'

Okay, which SpaceX employee invited Keira Knightley to Mars before Elon Musk could get to her?

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[Top image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Croc evidence via Deadline]