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Most of the scenes in the final three episodes of HBO's Silicon Valley take place in Mike Judge's version of TechCrunch Disrupt. Without giving away from spoilers, it's pretty much like the real conference only with more dick jokes. Well, one very elaborate Aristocrats-style dick joke on a whiteboard.

Judge (a former engineer) and his crew squirmed their way through a panel with Michael Arrington at the real Disrupt this week where they debated how true the show is to real life. Judge insisted that the character of robot-genius Peter Gregory was not based on Peter Thiel, although OKAY FINE ONE SPOILER after an extended seasteading subplot, I'm not so sure.

One phenomenon even Arrington would agree the show got right, however, is "rest and vest." That's the industry term for idling around a tech campus until your equity is fully-vested, a practice usually only discussed in Quora threads or Glassdoor reviews. Consider it the flabby underbelly of the more celebrated acqui-hire.

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