Okay, Wall Street Journal, might as well get this rolling today: "The clock is now ticking for Marissa Mayer," says the paper's Doug MacMillan. It's true: Yahoo! loves firing its CEOs, and Marissa Mayer hasn't really accomplished anything outside of the superficial. So, how long does she have?

Sort of soon, according to MacMillan:

Later this year, investors may lose patience, say analysts who follow the company. Alibaba's expected fall IPO would force Yahoo to sell about 40% of its stake, prompting investors to reassess the true value of its business. Many analysts believe Yahoo's $35 billion market capitalization is mostly made up of its stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.

Still, Mayer has been able to accomplish one thing: keeping people talking about Marissa Mayer (and sometimes even Yahoo!) instead of literally anything else. In 2014, that's no easy feat.