If Facebook staffers opt to move in to work, they'll be getting a very sweet deal out of it: the Anton Menlo project includes all the comforts of suburbia and college combined. What 20-something engineer wouldn't want to live in a walled compound?

Planning documents obtained by Valleywag detail the amenities some employees will soon enjoy: an area called "The Quad" with flowering trees, fountains, and "light effects." A "backyard" rec zone with bocce ball, pool, cabanas, and BBQ pits. Of course, there's an area for dogs, and an outdoor kitchen. To really finesse that You've been removed from the rest of society vibe, a six-foot wall surrounds most of the project.

Work is only five minutes away—and thanks to mediocre or non-existent public transit options, no one from The Outside will be able to easily visit. It'll be like you never existed on Earth before joining Facebook.

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