At least it wasn't blackface, I guess: failing Groupon clone LivingSocial hosted a swarm of Washingtonians in its offices this past weekend, and didn't think decorating a "sin of greed" room with dreidels would bother anyone.

The party was billed innocently enough:

This Halloween, treat yo' self to a night of tricks — and sins — at the annual 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Party, a six-floor extravaganza including seven themed cocktails, snacks, and unique entertainment. On Saturday, October 26, seven rooms inside LivingSocial's 918 F Street space will be transformed to represent each of the deadly sins; you'll also indulge in a silent disco, movie screening, and so much more.

Sins! Fun. This part, reports Washington Jewish Week, not fun:

The greed room was described as "a shimmering room full of silver and gold" in which people "get greedy challenging friends to a plethora of games." Decorating the tables in that room were dreidels surrounded by gold coins, according to one woman who attended.

It seems pretty much impossible that no one at LivingSocial thought associating dreidels and gelt with greed would not be very offensive. Then again, if they were a very smart bunch, they wouldn't be LivingSocial. But even a faltering web business should know this isn't the best way to ingratiate yourself with the few people who might still use your services—and sure enough, LivingSocial has apologized, reports Washington Business Journal:

"We do not condone prejudice, nor do we tolerate inappropriate or hurtful behavior of any sort," LivingSocial spokeswoman Sara Parker wrote in an emailed statement Wednesday afternoon. "What happened at the event does not reflect who we are as a company and we are deeply apologetic."

You know who else loved local discounts and flash sales? ADOLF HITLER.