For a third time, a prominent venture capitalist is warning us all that some sort of ominous economic shit is about to go down. And for the third time in a row, he isn't admitting that it's his fault: Today's hypocrite is Marc Andreessen.

As is always the case when Marc Andreessen has a thought about anything, his recent opinion on market zeal took the form of an 18 part Twitter rant. The New York Times, among other credulous publications, picked it up in earnest. In the tweet stream, the shimmering dome-clarion barks warnings—an economic event is heading our way:

Andreessen is completely right: Startups are overvalued, stuffed like Christmas ducks with cash they don't really need, and since they're staffed by inexperienced kids with no oversight, they're spending that cash. This is a big problem, a big and obvious problem, and Marc Andreessen is right: We should worry.

But what he's not saying is that all of these worrisome things are happening because he has made them happen. Marc Andreessen is warning us, essentially, about Marc Andreessen. It's not a good sign when a man, no matter how large it would appear his brain is, tries to distance himself from his current agenda.

Marc Andreessen, Twitter pundit, is an authority on startup prudence. Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist, funded Clinkle.

Andreessen urges financial caution? One of his portfolio companies uploaded this GIF:

That's the co-founder of Genius, né Rap Genius, an Andreessen Horowitz investment that does not generate revenue.

How many of Andreessen's portfolio companies are practicing what he tweets? He is right to try to put a kibosh on the culture of manic optimism and careless spending that's soaked through Silicon Valley like gasoline. One way to do that is to stop giving people millions upon millions of dollars to waste.

When the next downturn happens, Andreessen and friends will be eager to point back at these tweets and say I told you so. They'll be in less of a hurry to point to their own work and say, We made this happen.