Yahoo's betting its entire existence on a new wave of smartphone apps. None of it's come to fruition yet, but the mobile team is already being rewarded, says the New York Post: and the rest of the company's getting the shaft.

If you're unlucky enough to work on stale old "world wide web" projects, like, say,, you'll be stuck with whatever's lying around company headquarters:

Recently, as if to highlight the divide, some of the newer mobile engineers complained when they were issued what one described as slightly outdated MacBooks.

They wanted newer, Retina-display laptops — and they got them, according one source, who, like colleagues, spoke with The Post on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, less fortunate Yahoo! workers were still walking around the campus with outdated ThinkPads, this staffer said.

They even took away the ping pong table from the old-timers and gave it to the mobile squad. The only problem with this strategy—aside from its obnoxiousness, and the likeliness that it'll make the company resent itself—is that those stale old websites are what's keeping Yahoo alive. The company has yet to make a successful mobile app. Not a single one. On the other hand, standbys like Yahoo News and even the old homepage remain some of the highest-trafficked sites on the entire internet. [via Betabeat]