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A new viral sensation is sweeping our nation's billionaire technologists: Daring their rich friends to either donate $100 to ALS research, or dump a bucketful of ice water over their heads. The latest mogul to save a hundred bucks is none other than our frugal friend Mark.

Zuckerberg just posted the above video on Facebook from what looks like his backyard, noting that he was challenged to donate by good pal Chris Christie. See, he's just like us, with his nice patio chairs and gubernatorial friendships. The upload has garnered more than 230,000 likes—and perhaps some of those clickers went on to donate money to the ALS Association, which works to combat the horrible degenerative neurological disease. But unlike virtually everyone who follows Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. And despite the popular "dollar salary" myth that orbits Zuck's corporate persona, the aging Facebook founder is in possession of a large sum of money—roughly $33 billion.

That means that Mark Zuckerberg could donate a million dollars to ALS research, every single day, for the next 90 years. Zuckerberg and his wife have been active givers in the past—including gifts last year totaling a record $990 million. But these donations have either been stupendously mismanaged or opaque (it's unclear where his gift from last year will actually end up).

Silicon Valley's young money clique struggles with philanthropy, and they often invest money in their friends' silly apps instead of giving to charity. A video message from someone of Zuckerberg's godlike industry stature could go a long way in convincing the rest of his be-hoodied ilk that charity is cool.

So how about this! Instead of making Facebook click-fodder that turns ducking a $100 gift into a meme, Mark Zuckerberg could set up his yard-cam, look into the lens, write a check for $100,000, and then tell his friends to do the exact thing or risk looking stingy. If he wants to then dump water on himself, that's fine too.