Apple shopper, ever-conflicted TechCrunch blogger and venture capitalist MG Siegler just took on a third job: partner at Google Ventures. But don't worry, he says, everything is going to stay just the way it was: blogging about the industry he bankrolls, not a scruple in sight.

"It was almost exactly 19 months ago that I laid down the proverbial writer’s pen," Siegler opines like a senior on the last day of high school, "and picked up the less proverbial pen for writing checks." Thanks to Google's "resources," those checks will be larger than ever. Siegler actually links the word "resources" to this Google post about how much money Google Ventures has, in case you were confused about what he meant by resources. He means money, that he'll spend on Google's behalf. Immense amounts of money upon which he can prop his feet, flip open his MacBook Air™, and start typing as if he were just another guy.

But he's not just another guy. Despite saying that his "writer's pen" was put down 19 months ago, he's been blogging regularly. Blogging hard. In fact, he's already written 15 posts for TechCrunch this year—and we're only five months in! TechCrunch, a site ostensibly about covering Siegler's industry with even a shred of impartiality. A shred of a shred, if we're lucky. His posts have notably covered Apple—his favorite barrette-festooned pony—as well as Google, his new (second) boss and former employer of his latest girlfriend, VC Megan Quinn. He'll also "continue to work closely with CrunchFund to help with the investments we’ve made." Every facet of Siegler's life is bleeding into the next, all lines blurred, all bases covered. A self-described Apple fan is going to work for Google, to spend Google's money on things that will inevitably compete with Apple, all the while writing about both mega-companies and their myriad competitors for a giant website owned by AOL. Follow that? "Don’t worry, I’m bringing my iPhone with me," Siegler winks.

So this isn't a shift. It's not a move. There's neither zig nor zag—just a barreling push down the conflict continuum, where one man is able to wield both enormous influence as a "writer" and an investor, an observer and the observed, as a means of getting rich. The next step for MG will be to literally become a piece of silicon which Siegler can then dump seed money into and cover in a newsletter.

In one of the most noxious things you can find online, Siegler once said that he was restless—"I just haven’t found that next game in blogging to win yet. Yet." Well he did it. Now he has won, a terrifying mixture of flak meets Voltron, a vertically integrated tech guy who both writes and cashes the checks. His colleagues are already rushing to congratulate him. Why wouldn't they?

MG's gain is the realization of a shared dream in tech, of an industry without friction. There won't be reporters, or publicists, or investors—in the Crunchy utopia favored by Siegler and his ilk, everyone can do a little of each. The wolf watches the lamb, the Apple apologist invests for the Google, and if you work hard enough, you too can be a flak of all trades. Don't give up. Write harder. Think less. Spend resources. Just win, baby.

Photo: Charles Eshelman/Getty