The Atlantic has embarked on a new quest, dubbed the Silicon Valley Insiders Poll, in which they survey 50 of tech's foremost "executives, innovators, and thinkers." Their findings proved something we already knew: many believe the tech industry is in a bubble.

According to the survey, Twitter and Uber are the foremost overvalued tech companies. In one venture capitalist's view, Twitter's "valuation is far out of alignment with industry norms."

The poll also found that 42 percent of those surveyed believe the next tech bubble is already here:

That's no surprise: even formerly bullish investors are looking at tech's skyrocketing valuations and unsustainable burn rates and wondering how much longer the industry can sustain itself.

Those surveyed tech leaders accidentally explained why startup's burn rates are so high: it costs a fortune to keep up with appearances. When asked "what is Silicon Valley's most coveted status symbol?," 12 percent of respondents said it was owning a Tesla. The LA-esque symbol of success was second place only to "taking a company public or selling it."

However, there was some evidence participants didn't take The Atlantic's survey seriously. When asked "which technology has most changed your family dynamics?," Tumblr's David Karp simply responded, "Grindr."

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Photo: Getty, Screenshots: The Atlantic, h/t Venture Beat