This is either a sickening hoax or a true sign of end times: Kozmo, up there with as bobble-headed mascot of the Dot Com Implosion, is apparently returning from hell. Is this really happening?

Kozmo was the best of times, in that it let you order a candy bar or Dreamcast game to your doorstep with no delivery fee. It was the most decadent thing you could do with a computer in 1999. But it was the worst of times, in that it represented the worst of tech boom carelessness: how would a company willing to spend so much money delivering such cheap things ever stay in business? Of course, it didn't—but that didn't stop Kozmo from being the kind of company where your CEO literally jumps on top of a grand piano and shouts "IPO!" over and over.

As you can see, details are scant. Right now there's just a landing page, and nothing further—but hey, that's more than enough to be considered a real startup! I emailed the available address asking if the sloth startup renaissance is legit, and am waiting to hear back—but look at everything else in business right now. Suddenly Kozmo doesn't seem so insane.