FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After years of unethically covering the industry which his girlfriend advertises for a living, New York Times tech elder David Pogue attempted the impossible by trying to make an honest woman of a PR rep: the two married this weekend in California.

We hope the nuptials will mark a new start for Pogue, who has relegated himself into the Kooky Uncle corner of technology writing, after reportedly hitting his wife with an iPhone—that very same device that's earned him so much cash over the years—and carrying on with OutCast Agency rep Nicole Dugan, whose job it is to promote and mislead the public about the very same companies Pogue chronicles. Some examples, as cited by Dan Lyons in 2011:

In March, Pogue wrote about Amazon, an OutCast client, calling its new cloud music service “beautifully done” and “ a joy to use.”

Also in March, Pogue wrote about Zediva, a startup that competes with Netflix, which is an OutCast client. Pogue’s review of Zediva was positive in places, but he also criticized Zediva, calling its service “slow to respond,” “frustrating,” and “disappointing,” and describing its website as looking “like one somebody cobbled together in a weekend.”

In February, Pogue hosted a show in the PBS Nova series in which he touted Bloom Energy, a green tech company that was represented by OutCast and was one of Dugan’s main clients at the time. Dugan’s online bio at the agency website touts her role at Bloom, claiming Dugan “was instrumental in launching fuel cell provider Bloom Energy, which debuted on 60 Minutes and received coverage in more than 1,500 stories."

Another of Dugan’s clients is the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, which has invested in dozens of top tech companies, including Groupon and Skype, both of whom Pogue has written about in recent months. (His Groupon story ran in February; his story about Skype ran in May.)

In a nice wedding gift from the Times, it referred to him in the notice as a "journalist."

Disclosure: Gawker Media property Gizmodo once helped Pogue locate his lost phone.