After months of chanting We could have done sooo-oo much better, TIME reports America's tech sector will have a chance to school President Obama on and NSA surveillance. But he probably should have reconsidered some of these choices.

Tim Cook, definitely. Sheryl Sandberg—one of the sharpest tech leaders out there. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings—makes sense, Netflix is a hugely complicated internet machine that still runs smoothly.

But Marissa Mayer, who can't even keep Yahoo! Mail from continuously crashing?

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, whose legacy at this point is running a company based on virtual farms into the ground?

Shervin Pishevar? The guy who thought Shots Of Me was a great idea? Does Jeff Bezos have the flu? There are smarter people to put in the room of the room of all the smartest people.