In the annals of frat backstabbing, few things rank as high as Evan "L.A." Spiegel kicking his friend Reggie Brown IV out of Snapchat, a "$4 billion" company. This is Winklevoss-level shit, and new court documents show just how flagrant the treachery was.

The story is simple and timeless: three kids come up with an unexpectedly fantastic idea. Kids being kids, they dick each other over, and one is forced out of the trio. When the others strike it rich, the loner cries foul. It just so happens the idea in question here is Snapchat, a tween demographic Shangri-La.

Filings from the ongoing lawsuit between Snapchat's current boy kings and Brown, obtained by Business Insider and dated to October 23rd, include one comically obvious clue that Spiegel deliberately cut out Reggie, who claims he's owed a third of the company. Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, the other co-founder, say Brown got the boot before Snapchat became official, ergo disqualifying him from a piece of the startup cake. Brown disagrees, of course, and is going after his erstwhile bros, and now all of their current investors.

But look up there. Brown's lawyers procured two emails from Evan Spiegel. In one, he says he has two partners. There are three Snapchat originators. In the second email, after his falling out with Brown, he says there is only one partner, indicating a Snapchat team of two. It cannot be possible that Snapchat was "built" by both two and three people. Those two emails are factually incompatible. This is the laziest kind of personal revisionism—it's almost as if these are college-age kids we're dealing with!

It will be very, very hard for these kids (and their attorneys) to scrub their hands of collegiate screwing-over by the time the lawyers are done—and I don't see how Reggie Brown IV doesn't walk away with some serious cash. The lesson: if you're going to fuck your friend, plan it out and be clever.