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California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom wants to be every techie's favorite politician. He wrote an entire book about technology reinventing government and routinely speaks at industry events. He even attended Sean Parker's infamous wedding. Now Newsom is declaring his "intense passion" for Silicon Valley's chosen car company.

In a painful interview with LinkedIn's Mike Kim, Newsom rambled on about everything from Bitcoin ("It could be the most enlivening, disruptive technology. It can radically change the entire monetary system.") to dead people ("I think about people all the time that are dead"). At one point, Newsom describes himself as a "leader in composting" and brags about how turning waste into dirt is "scaling." He even wraps up the conversation declaring that the Clippers racist owner Donald Sterling is the person he most wants to have dinner with.

Newsom seems aware his "candid sitdown" was a train wreck. "I hope we can edit it all so it makes a little more sense. It's a little cryptic... I'm all over the map."

Watch it below:

[There was a video here]

[via SFGate]