"He's single!," Oprah once gushed to her audience over Gurbaksh Chahal, a studly young startup founder who only a year before had sold his company to Yahoo! for $300 million. Now he's facing 41 counts of assault.

The San Francisco Chronicle says Chahal, who TechCrunch once featured in their "Weekly Good" series of software Samaritans, is in one serious bind after an altercation at his apartment:

Prosecutors charged him with 45 felonies, including two counts of false imprisonment, two counts of criminal threats, and 41 counts of assault and domestic violence, according to the complaint.

One assault charge was assault with a deadly weapon, a pillow.

The girlfriend in question is rumored to be a daughter of famed 60s Bollywood star Mumtaz. Meanwhile, Chahal is free on $125,000 bail.