Women In VC: Still No Progress

Dan Lyons · 01/30/15 09:49AM

A year ago, Fortune did a survey of VC (venture capital) firms to find out how many "decision makers" were female, and the number was tiny — a mere 4.2 percent. But one year later, things must be better, right? Nope. This year's study shows things are almost exactly the same.

Warning: CEO Of Elite Dating Site Can Ban You Douchebags For Life

Dan Lyons · 01/28/15 07:59AM

Amanda Bradford just launched a dating app called The League, which is designed to be used by beautiful, ambitious, intelligent people — you know who you are! — while keeping out the riffraff. Are you in our league? No surprise that some people find this app silly. Or sad. Or offensive. But don't you dare point that out, because Amanda Bradford does not tolerate haters and will use her algorithm to ban you from The League, forever.

Would You Swing With These Geeks?

Dan Lyons · 01/27/15 03:14PM

In a new series, CNN explores all the crazy drug use and sexy sex stuff taking place in Silicon Valley, where people like Greg and Stella, above, go to swingers parties and apparently convince other people to sleep with them, without drugging them or paying them. The series is called, "Sex, Drugs and Silicon Valley." My one-word review: Yuck.

What Is There To Say About A Zuckerberg Portrait Made With Poop?

Dan Lyons · 01/27/15 09:36AM

Some things defy your ability to describe them. One of them is this portrait of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, created by a "Brooklyn-based artist and hacker" called Katsu. He made the painting with his own shit. It is now on display at The Hole, in New York — yes, a painting made of shit is being displayed in a place called The Hole; I know, irony abounds here — as part of a show called, "Remember the Future." Katsu apparently does not like Mark Zuckerberg. Thank you, Mashable, for alerting the world to this. [h/t to Michael for sending me a link to this story which now I will never be able to forget as long as I live.] [Photo: The Hole]

The Weird, Mysterious Company Behind The SkyMall Bankruptcy

Dan Lyons · 01/26/15 04:00PM

The company that publishes those SkyMall airplane catalogs filed for bankruptcy last week. That's perhaps not a surprise, considering the kind of junk they sell. But there might be even more to the story, because it turns out that in 2013, SkyMall merged with a company called Xhibit Corp. that had some interesting characters behind it.

Rumor: Some Bad Shit Is Going Down At Tumblr

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 04:44PM

Do you work in sales at Tumblr? Have you noticed a disturbance in the force? We're hearing that bad shit went down at Tumblr this week, and while it is not going to be announced until next week, for now everyone at Tumblr is drinking heavily.

Wow Some People Make A Lot of Money

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 08:44AM

Apple just revealed that Angela Ahrendts, the new hire who came from Burberry to run Apple's retail division, made $73.3 million last year. Simultaneously, Apple announced that Millard "Mickey" Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, who was recruited by Steve Jobs for his retail expertise, will retire from Apple's board of directors. Could those things be related? Surely not. But it's fun when things like this get announced at the same time.

Vulture Capitalist: Avoid That Box IPO! 

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 06:46AM

My friend the Vulture is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. He recently wrote a piece for us and I've been hoping he would do another one. I asked him what he thought of the Box IPO, which is taking place today. Shares last night priced at $14 per share, which will imply a valuation of $1.7 billion for Box — which last July raised a private round at $2.4 billion. Meaning: Box is limping into the public markets. But maybe, at this price, Box is a steal? Vulture doesn't think so. In fact he was brutal — especially about the VCs who are foisting this lump of coal onto the public while also setting up a sweetheart deal for themselves.

White Rapper Jason Calacanis Don't Need You Now, Baby

Dan Lyons · 01/22/15 04:51PM

Jason Calacanis is a smack-talking, poker-playing entrepreneur and angel investor. And he's been on a roll lately, thanks to some smart investments. He put money into Uber, which is now worth a fortune. Today it was reported that Raise, one of his other early investments, has raised money at a valuation of nearly $1 billion. In other words, he is striking gold all over the place.

Here Is The Hobbit As It Should Have Been: A Single 3-Hour Movie

Dan Lyons · 01/22/15 10:47AM

Let's be honest: The Hobbit would have made a great three-hour movie. Now that's what it is, thanks to a dedicated video editor in Philadelphia who boiled down Peter Jackson's bloated, padded trilogy into a single cohesive movie that is also truer to the book.

New Version Of Windows Doesn't Suck, Supposedly

Dan Lyons · 01/22/15 09:08AM

Early reviews of Windows 10 (like the one below from Gizmodo) have been incredibly positive. The new browser. The voice commands. The virtual reality HoloLens goggles. All so cool! Everyone loves Microsoft again. They're even cooler than Apple!