Dave Morin, the smug Silicon Valley smoothie and Facebook alum, has never been easy to like. He runs a boutique social network that spams your friends, he's married to an insufferable plagiarist, and once boasted to Vanity Fair of the "bespoke app" he made for his secretary. Now, here's one more reason to think he's a jerk:

In a recent post on Path, his ultra-private Facebook alternative, Morin (who sources tell us has become tech's biggest Jesus freak) says last week's Spanish rail horror wasn't just a mass of causalities, but a hint from Jesus: abandon traditional transportation in favor of the "Hyperloop." When you recall that the "Hyperloop" is (at the moment) a completely theoretical form of sci-fi travel concocted by PayPal and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk, Morin's comment somehow becomes even more gross. Only in Silicon Valley can one hold both the swollen ego and massive delusion to not only interpret divine will, but say that Providence is partial to a tech billionaire's pet project.

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