It sure looks like it, according to the laments of one frustrated Brit—he says Dave Morin's twee Facebook respite has been bombarding his friends without permission, even after he deleted it.

This wouldn't be the first time Path's beamed your contact information to its servers for the purposes of promotion: Dave Morin, the app's creator, issued a public apology and paid an $800k fine over privacy screw-ups.

Now it seems like it's happening again:

When I rolled out of bed this morning the first I knew about what had happened was when my dad told me he’d received two text messages (one on his mobile, one on his work phone – neither of which are smartphones) about some pictures I wanted to share with him. While telling him that I’m not exactly sure what he was talking about my house phone rang – my mum uttered the usual exclamation of: “who could be ringing at this time?” as I answered.


Having uninstalled the app yesterday when I decided it wasn’t for me, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Path took this data out of my phonebook sometime during the half hour I had it installed.


When I was asked about inviting people to Path as I installed the app I said no, and without entering much in the way of personal information Path decided to text my entire phone book for me the day AFTER I uninstalled it from my Android.

Emphasis added. After complaining to Path via Twitter, the company has finally replied:

Maybe this is just a fluke and not deliberate, scummy spam. One thing it's not: the behavior of a company that truly just passed the 10 million user mark. [Branded3 via Digg]