Minh Nguyen, a co-founder of Plaxo and a techie who was involved in several other startups, was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting his ex-wife's new husband in Virginia. Police say Nguyen's ex-wife was returning home with one of the kids when the attack took place. Two other kids were in the house at the time. NBC reports Nguyen and his wife had gone through "months of strife" over "child custody and visitation issues."

Nguyen's LinkedIn page shows him working as an advisor and investor in the Washington, D.C., area over the past few years. He's best known for co-founding Plaxo with Sean Parker in 2001. Plaxo was a kind of online address book. The company was acquired by Comcast in 2008 for $170 million. Plaxo previously had been criticized for using spammy tactics to hook new users.