This sounds familiar: the young, celebrated chief of a rising tech company is facing heinous abuse allegations. This time, it's in the "Silicon Forest" of Portland, where Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton is under investigation for allegedly raping his girlfriend.

Kveton's company, a mobile marketing firm that's raised tens of millions in venture capital, is no stranger to headlines. Forbes gave Kveton a glowing profile. He presented a TED Talk in 2011. ReadWrite went dizzy as it wrote of Kveton's "young, unusual, accelerated and admirable career," describing him as a "dynamic, intelligent, skilled and flawed human being." How right they were: The Oregonian reports "Portland police are now three months into an investigation of fresh claims from [a] woman, who says Kveton assaulted her in 2012 and 2013."

Kveton and his current partner in May 2014

Kveton has cultivated this family-man image—his website hails him as an "Entrepreneur, bacon lover and proud father." But Kveton's accuser—a former nanny for Kveton's children—says that behind the facade of Reddit masculinity was... this:

Police records and hundreds of pages of texts, emails and online chats provided by Kveton's accuser to police and The Oregonian show that the pair had a highly physical relationship, which they once likened to the role-playing couple in the hit erotica novel "50 Shades of Gray." They pushed each other's boundaries – too far, she told him in numerous emails and texts.


Messages to her appear to acknowledge that Kveton crossed a line without saying specifically how. They also suggest he videotaped her in sex acts without her consent.

Separately, messages from a Kveton email account appear to show him seeking other women on dating web sites and Craigslist to participate in role-playing sex games.

Kinky infidelity is one thing—but there's much more. This ex-girlfriend accuser says Kveton raped her multiple times over the course of a few years, during an on-again-off-again relationship. In one email sent to the accuser, he blames her drinking for an episode of alleged assault:

"I think we did have a different memory ... I was not intoxicated and you were ... I can remember you saying no in the past ... many, many, many times in fact and actually enjoying it all the same ... I seem to think I even have video of it. That's neither here nor there however ... it was awful and I know it."

Another attack, according to testimony given to police, involved Kveton hiding in her own home: "[he] jumped out of a closet and wrapped his arms around her in a 'bear hug'-like hold. He drug [sic] her into her bedroom and then tied her wrists up with some reusable bonding tape."

A Portland police rep I spoke with was unable to comment given the investigation's ongoing nature. Urban Airship has said only that the charges are "a very personal, private matter"—I'm waiting for comment from Kveton himself.