The fabulous, 7th annual Crunchies—Silicon Valley's Teen Choice Awards—will kick off this coming Monday. As startup luminaries and the press converge on the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, a group of angry protesters will be waiting for them.

Organizers from the group Jobs with Justice San Francisco are behind the rally—somewhat ironically organized via Facebook—which they say is a celebration of the "worst in tech," a gentrification gala:

I should note that I was planning on covering the Crunchies before some travel plans got shelved, and that the event itself isn't quite Oscar-lavish: honors are handed out for inglorious nods like "Best Collaborative Consumption Service" and "CEO of the Year." Less Dior, more ill-fitting suits and fedoras.

But an award show is an award show, and part of the fun is self-congratulation—so at a time when anti-tech antipathy is at a high point, there are plenty in the community who think that congratulation is undue.

Photo: Flickr