Randi Zuckerberg's holiday over-shares haven't always ended up in her favor. But it's still awfully presumptuous to demand that everybody else "Stop Sharing on Thanksgiving." Like so much of her near constant social media activity, this humble suggestion ends up being a plug for her book:

May I so boldly suggest that this Thanksgiving, we focus on one-on-one conversations, instead of broadcasting our lives to the masses.

Yes, I do mean eating your Thanksgiving dinner instead of live-updating from the table. And calling or Skyping a loved one directly instead of shouting "Happy Thanksgiving" to your followers [...]

In my recent book, Dot Complicated, I talk a lot about how tech brings us closer to friends but can also keep us further from friendship. Thanksgiving is a great time to let go of the constant distractions that keep us from connecting on a deeper level. When we focus on listening to others, it's easier to break through the carefully crafted online image and get to know the actual person inside.

The tech that keeps us happily connected throughout the year can separate us come holiday season, or even get us in trouble, as I discovered this past Christmas after quickly uploading a funny family photo.

Randi doesn't name Facebook outright, but everyone knows Instagram is the go-to platform for filtered feasts and familial nostalgia. So essentially Mark Zuckerberg's hashtag-addled sister is telling people not to upload pictures on Instagram's busiest day of the year, when the photo-sharing app just started trying to make money. Bet Zuck wishes he never bothered to tell her the difference between stock options and salary right about now.

[Image via Gizmodo]