As we mentioned earlier this week, Kanye and Kim are suing YouTube creator Chad Hurley for the allegedly unauthorized upload of their lavish, geek-studded proposal ceremony. Now we've got the full legal documents, and they go out of their way to call Hurley a loser.

The suit, which accuses Hurley of "breach of contract, fraud, and unjust enrichment," and points out that he uploaded the video as a means of promoting MixBit, his newest, very unpopular startup. It's a point Kanye's attorney, Eric George, makes repeatedly:

Foundering! And he wasn't even invited! The YeDashians say Hurley "tagged along" with a friend who was invited, he was only permitted to stay after both signing a confidentiality agreement and posing with the signed copy—a humiliating photo of which is attached.

Echoing a Valleywag post from May, team Kanye points out that Hurley's post-YouTube ventures have all been duds, and that uploading a prized celeb engagement was a surefire means of promoting MixBit:

And it goes on, citing Hurley's "consecutive flops" and MixBit's "lackluster launch" as reasons why Hurley "sought to procure his own attendance in order to capitalize on the event and promote MixBit." You have to assume a legal bruiser employed by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is going to be a ruthless asshole by nature, but really, he is correct: this was a Hail Mary play to get people interested in a website they'd have otherwise never come across in a thousand years. Hurley succeeded in getting eyeballs, but if he has to turn over his wallet for the Wests, it'll hardly have been worth it.

Read the full court documents below, via The Hollywood Reporter