Of all the possible privacy night terrors you can conjure up around Google's fantastically-engineered cosplay device, spotting Glass next to you at a urinal ranks near the top. But for Rackspace employee and professional Guy Who Shows Up at Tech Stuff Robert Scoble, this is totally normal. He's doing it right now.

Scoble, who took to Twitter to talk up the fact that yes, he does indeed own a pair of the coveted, $1,500 cyborg specs—the It Toy for the tech set right now—was tweeting up a storm about his new conspicuous face computer. But there was (just) one notable admission:

So, right, that's a little troubling, in that most people would feel uncomfortable relieving themselves when there's a dude in the room with an internet-connected POV camera on his head. Bob Scoble, however, says he's scrupulous about the whole thing:

What kind of action? Legislative action? A headlock? An urgent tweet to Google? I asked Scoble exactly what he'd do if he heard someone activate their headset while he had his pants down, but he didn't reply. I'm also wondering what's to stop anyone, including Bob Scoble, from activating their Google Glass before entering a bathroom, and then freely perving out.