One of the biggest forces in the ever-shady Bitcoin economy, MtGox, has been blocking withdrawals. If you've invested real money in speculative cyber-money, this is bad news—and it's spurred the saddest protest I've ever seen.

The Verge stopped by to chat with the two angry speculators:

Although the value of the bitcoins stored in Mt. Gox has plummeted, the protesters are more concerned with getting them back at all. "If they have all of the bitcoins, as long as they even say that, the price is going to double," says Aaron. "Just the promise and prospect of withdrawal is sufficient to double the price instantly."

These two fellows have been standing outside MtGox's Tokyo offices demanding answers, and perhaps their money, for days. They've stood in the rain. They've stood in the sun. Maybe they've had enough time to reconsider investing cash in internet money.

Rain photo via Twitter