Another week, another app designed by the entitled techno-brats of San Francisco, for their entitled friends. Here's Zirx, an app that makes someone else park your car.

Parking cars for jerkoffs is a "multi-billion dollar opportunity," claims the San Francisco Business Times. Now startups ranging from Zirx, ValetAnywhere, Caarbon, to LUXE Valet are collecting checks from investors and building Uber-style platforms to park people's cars for upwards of $15 a pop.

This isn't tech's first attempt to "solve" parking in America. Earlier this summer, MonkeyParking and Haystack were targeted by politicians for illegally auctioning off public street parking. Valet apps appear to be the Valley's workaround, empowering flush motorists to avoid hunting for parking like a pleb without violating any pesky laws.

The Business Times notes that Zirx is the Sidecar of valet parking—first to market, but not necessarily the best. However, Zirx CEO Sean Behr nevertheless believes they are poised to profit off parking, saying "We're out to really transform the experience of what it is to park in metropolitan cities."

Here's how they plan to do just that:

We remove the hassle from parking by allowing drivers to drive to their destination (be that their office, home, restaurant or theater) instead of a parking lot. Our customers drop a pin and we meet them just in time, store their car at one of our secure storage facilities, and then redeliver their car when and where they want it.

In true Silicon Valley fashion, the service is only available to those who work and live in startup-chic neighborhoods.

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