In an email this afternoon, Sean Parker, who became a billionaire solely because of his shares in Facebook, said he hadn't received questions about the unnatural disaster brewing outside his West Village home because: "I don't check my Facebook msgs that often."

Who does, really? No wonder Mark Zuckerberg just paid $19 billion for the messaging startup WhatsApp.

In the email, printed in full below, Parker also noted that he and his wife, Alexandra Lenas, don't much use the $20 million home, which includes an indoor pool and landscaped atrium. They stripped it bare, save for a few mattresses, where friends are "occasionally" allowed to stay should they need a place to crash.

Parker concurred with his neighbors that causing a ruckus after a series of snowstorms was asinine. "If this is related to fixing broken cables at my house," Verizon should have waited. "I don't even live there, so why would I care about a FiOS uprade?? It just doesn't make sense." Couldn't agree with you more, man.

Here's the full email:

This was news to me when I read the press this morning.

Also, I didn't get an email from you and I don't check my Facebook msgs that often. My publicist didn't mention this to me so I had no idea about this until people started calling me about the articles.

My wife and I don't live in that house on 10th street and we haven't lived there for over a year. The house is stripped bare including all of the furniture and decorations. There is a full time security presence at the house to prevent vandalism as there have been a number of break-in attempts. We occasionally allow friends who need a place to stay to crash there. (The two downstairs bedrooms have mattresses in them, besides that the house is empty.)

I agree it's ridiculous that anyone would be laying cable or whatever they're doing in the middle of all this snow. If this is related to fixing broken cables at my house or other houses then I don't know why they couldn't wait until the snow had cleared. As I said, I don't even live there, so why would I care about a FiOS upgrade?? It just doesn't make sense.

From what I've gathered it appears they are repairing faulty wiring on the block but I can't be sure of that. They're giving me the runaround so I have just as little information as you do.

As I said, I don't know why they would have picked this exact time to do this with all the snow around, especially since nobody lives in that house. We had been dealing with intermittent outrages related to faulty wiring on the block when we lived there more than a year ago, so the only thing I can think of is that another neighbor has also complained of outrages and they're repairing that too. It's also possible that there are preparations underway at the house for the new owner but I am not being kept in the loop regarding any of that work.

Anyway, it makes no sense to be digging around in the snow unless someone's Internet is out. I would be annoyed by this if I were living there but I could also understand if someone's Internet were out and they needed a fix.

You can feel free to pass my personal email (the one I'm emailing you from) along to anyone who is complaining so they can take these things up with me directly. I don't understand why neighbors don't just email me about this stuff. You guys shouldn't be the complaint department for 10th street related issues.

Best, sp

If you are an irate resident of 10th Street, please contact me at for Sean Parker's email address.

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