Facebook billionaire conservationist Sean Parker just stepped down from his investor gig at Founders Fund, where he worked for years within one of tech's most prominent venture capital machines. So, what exactly will he do every day now?

In a statement to Fortune, Founders Fund said Parker won't be making any more deals:

"He's been winding down his involvement over the last few years to focus on other projects, and as of the close of fund V he's no longer making any investments on behalf of the firm," says Founders Fund spokeswoman Erin Gleason. "He is maintaining his board seats in his active FF investments, including Spotify."

We all know board positions aren't real jobs. So, what's left? What are these big projects?

Parker's pet project, Airtime, is more or less dead. The company relaunched itself as OkHello, and it took the press almost an entire year to notice. But no one is using OkHello, so it's hard to imagine the startup demands much of Parker's time. The only other substantial "project" anyone can associate with Parker was his wedding, and penning enormous apologias for said wedding. This raises the very real possibility that Sean Parker isn't doing very much beyond waking up at the Plaza Hotel and waiting to see if his FIOS installation is ready.

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