It turns out you can't evade the long, eco-regulatory arm of the law just because you're Sean Parker. Well, you can, but it'll cost you two and a half million dollars: the Mercury News says the environmental impact of his fantasy wedding set comes with a big monetary settlement. A Parker always pays his debts.

It sounds like California inspectors checked out the palatial Big Sur backdrop, took issue, and Parker's attorneys figured it'd be easier to settle than to tear the thing down:

The parties reached the agreement after officials were tipped that Parker had built a cottage, fake ruins, waterfalls, staircases and a huge dance floor near iconic redwoods and a stream with threatened steelhead trout.

Add that on to the $10 million it cost Parker to throw the bash to begin with, and this is one pricey fête. On the other hand, the man is a billionaire, so who cares? Not Sean. Sean does not care.