The most absolutely awful thing about the story of Nick Starr is not that he exists, but that there are surely more people like him: the Seattle IT drone threw a Facebook fit when he was asked to take off his face-camera at a cafe. "I would love an explanation, apology, clarification...or her termination."

It should come as no surprise that the person who typed the following outraged, anti-human rant is a Robert Scoble fan:

Last night I went for dinner with my partner Brian Street after #Hashtag with Lily Armani. The nearest place was Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge. We have been there a number of times and have had breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner there. Every time I've worn Google Glass. I even had staff ask me about it and to check it out.

Last night when we arrived we were sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant after our IDs were checked. We begin looking at the menu and a woman who works there comes up to us and tells me that the owner's other restaurant doesn't allow Google Glass and that I would have to either put it away (it doesn't fold up btw) or leave.

I inform her that I am well aware of the policy at The 5 Point Cafe but asked to see where it was policy for Glass to be disallowed at Lost Lake. She said she couldn't provide any and when asked to speak with management she stated she was the night manager. I again inform her that the two venues are different and have different policies. She refuses and I leave.

As we are leaving Brian points out that on the menu ( they state "Post photos on our website via Instagram by using ‪#‎LostLake‬." So how is an establishment which is REQUESTING photos be taken, not allow me to bring a device which takes photos and can post to Instagram?

I would love an explanation, apology, clarification, and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination.

Here's the logic: the ability to covertly take pictures of people and perhaps post them to Twitter—as Starr has done in the past—shall not be infringed upon. Any attempts to subvert this divine right will not be tolerated. Your comfort means nothing in the presence of my toy. This is an ostensibly carbon-based life form arguing for garnished wages or a lost job because he couldn't wear a face computer into a watering hole.

You know what: you guys should probably go ahead and depart the union.