Whisper sold itself to the world as the safest place to spill your secrets online, and it turned out that wasn't really true. Now the privacy backlash has reached so far, even this 77-year-old dude cares about it.

A new memo out of Senator Jay Rockefeller's office, Recode reports, is pushing for an explanation of how Whisper's professed attention to privacy differed so much from its practices, as revealed by The Guardian. "I request a Committee [on Commerce Science, Transportation] staff briefing," Rockefeller writes, calling the startup's reputation for online safety "questionable, at best."

Rockefeller's committee is requesting a briefing on these four points, specifically:

The back and forth between Whisper and The Guardian hasn't drummed up any real clarification from the company—Whisper's Neetzan Zimmerman has gone dark on Twitter and the company's investors don't seem to give a shit—so congressional intervention might actually be our best hope for real answers.

You can read the memo in its entirety right here.