Bitly, Borkly, Barnly, Molestly, Strinkingly, Happily, Crappily, Maply, Morply, Dottly, Dootly, Godly, Angrily. It's bad enough when every new startup is just based on the one that came before it. Now they all sound the same, too.

The Wall Street Journal says there are 161 startups that end in "ly," "lee, or "li." They're all trying to get the same money, from the same people, and probably doing a lot of the same things. It is a sea of suffixes, sadly apt in the age of digital me-too-ism. Looking at this Pinterest collection ( is taken) will make you nauseous, a massive Milky Way of non-inspiration. The Atlantic Wire quotes one startup "name consultant" who says all that needs to be said, really: “They’re planning on getting bought in a year, their name essentially doesn’t matter." That worked for Summly, didn't it?