It took them long enough! South Park finally took on Silicon Valley's ongoing transportation rivalry last night.

Uber was never mentioned by name in the episode, they were clearly the show's target. Timmy, South Park's paraplegic and mentally handicapped character, created a taxi app called "Handicar" as a fundraiser for summer camp. After the local taxi union tried to shut down the service with violence and political pressure, other people began wearing "handicaps," driving people around town in a red wagon towed by their wheelchairs.

Timmy may have lacked Uber CEO's exhausting bravado, but the show made up for it in its overall absurdity. By the end of the episode, Elon Musk and Tesla, Zipcar, Lyft, taxis, car salesmen, automated cars, and Lincoln pitchman Matthew McConaughey were all racing to title of best transportation technology. But it didn't really matter: Timmy ended up flipping Handicar, raising $2.4 billion for summer camp.

You can watch the whole episode below:

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