Soylent, the venture-backed startup snack that aims to replace food with oils and powders, has upgraded their nu-food. Optimization-obsessed techies will get a lot with the update: new packaging, better sealant on their oil bottles, and more flavor modulation. And best of all? The new Soylent will make techies tear less ass:

When we began shipping Soylent 1.0, we were confident it was a food that people would love. The largely positive feedback we received from our early adopters confirmed this hope, but also provided valuable guidance on how to improve Soylent 1.0.

Today, we are extremely happy to announce Soylent 1.1, our first revision to the original Soylent formula. Starting today, all orders will be fulfilled with Soylent 1.1. We have made two changes to the 1.0 formula, resulting in a food with greater neutrality and digestibility.

"Digestibility" is a polite way of putting it. According to Soylent's "early adopters," "digestive distress"—which we take to mean savage sharting—was a common experience.

But no more. Soylent suggests a new "enzyme blend" will foil the flatulence:

The enzyme blend that we added is a mixture of a few different enzymes, which break down proteins and carbohydrates into smaller, more easily digestible fragments. Preliminary tests have indicated that they may reduce the digestive issues reported by some Soylent consumers.

It's great that bio-hackers have managed to cut back on their sulfur emissions. Maybe they can find a way to restore their dignity with version 1.2?

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Image: Soylent, h/t The Verge