Clinkle was supposed to be the mobile payments app of the future, but so far, all it's been able to create is horrible headlines about itself and its hated 22-year-old founder. Like clockwork, Clinkle just got hacked, and revealed this endearing photo of Stanford star and CEO Lucas Duplan.

That's $30,000 in cash he's holding, revealed alongside the names, phone numbers, and profile pictures of other current Clinkle users. Let's put aside the insult to injury for a startup that's been hacked before it even releases its product: Lucas Duplan is the kind of boss who thinks it's OK to pose with giant Benjamin bundles before he or his company have enjoyed an iota of actual success. Maybe it's his own money, taken from a six-figure salary we're told dwarfs the poor compensation of his underlings. Maybe it's investor money, meant to be used in the process of launching Clinkle—which of course, hasn't happened. No matter where the money came from, if you're the CEO of a struggling company with a bad reputation, don't use a shot of yourself holding enough money to buy a car as your profile picture for anything. Another piece of free advice: get to know a 22-year-old very well before you hand him $25 million in venture capital.