Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it can take an open floor plan full of marginalized, under-compensated women to raise a startup. Or, in the case of this Craigslist ad for a job in SOMA, one "Girl Friday" to do everything, including "cooking simple Paleo meals and grilling meats."

It sounds like the mealtime equivalent of a booth babe: a startup lunch lady. Those perks don't manifest themselves and many companies have someone who orchestrates lunch orders. But the title in this listing doesn't say meal manager. No, this team of "creative weirdoes" claims to be looking for an administrative assistant.

What would this girl administrate? Glad you asked!

She would put her self-motivated personal assistant skills to work in the kitchen:

We need you to be a good cook and be comfortable cooking simple Paleo meals and grilling meats.

As a cruise director:

As our assistant we want you to have a positive, fun attitude while also being OCD compatible.

As a general-purpose cleaner:

Keep kitchen clean - dishes/sink/loading + unloading dishwasher before + after lunch

Clean up after lunch + put away dishes/cookware

Keep office clean and organized, including supply closets

Comfortable prepping meals daily + cleaning kitchen after cooking

The job will be from 10am-3:30pm Monday through Thursday. In the remaining hours, she should also contribute as receptionist, social media manager, recycler, errand runner, project manager, researcher, UI library organizer, editor, bookkeeper, and, when that's done, share a "secret recipe for the perfect gin cocktail."

Should the pleasant Paleo goddess who applies for this job also have "basic knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop," it wouldn't hurt. All the better to enhance those Taco Tuesday signs.

I contacted the employer to ask about the name of the company and salary range and will update the post if this isn't someone's idea of a joke.

h/t @caylenb

Update: The company behind the job listing was The Udda. They don't see the problem with it.

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