Rap Genius Co-Founder Finally Pushes Venture Capitalist Over the Edge

Kevin Montgomery · 11/17/14 09:30PM

Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam is a testament to just how far you can push a venture capitalist. The Yale graduate is one of tech's foremost delusional fools—repeatedly embarrassing himself, his company, and everyone connected with it. He eventually resigned from the startup after publicly praising parts of a serial killer's manifesto. Yet it took a post about thieving from Whole Foods for one of his investors to finally disown him.

Why Does Andreessen Horowitz Have an Official Rapper?

Nitasha Tiku · 09/15/14 09:35AM

Divine, an underground rapper from Brooklyn, has taken his friendship with venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, who invested in Rap Genius, to the next level. First Divine made a music video for Horowitz's birthday. Now they're posing in matching tees that says: VC LIFE: Inspired by Ben Horowitz.

Here’s What BuzzFeed’s New Investors Really Think About Media

Nitasha Tiku · 08/11/14 02:15PM

Last night Andreessen Horowitz, the same venture capital firm that invested in Facebook and Twitter, announced a $50 million investment in BuzzFeed that presumes the value of the company to be $850 million. General partner Chris Dixon compared BuzzFeed to Tesla, Uber, and Netflix because of its deep emphasis on technology and "world-class systems for analytics, advertising, and content management."

Nitasha Tiku · 06/03/14 09:10AM

Remember Tentwenty, the anonymous local app rife with tech gossip (in the Bay Area)? One of its users was right about Andreessen Horowitz leading an inside round in Zenefits, even calling the $500 million valuation. So, when can we expect that Square credit card?

Nitasha Tiku · 05/19/14 03:24PM

Investor Marc Andreessen also dabbles in psychoanalysis. "The nature of the public market is that it is manic depressive," he told the New York Times. "It gets excited, it gets depressed." A couple impending M&As put tech stocks in a good mood today, but we'll see how long that lasts

The Week's Best Tech Gossip Has Been On This New Anonymous App

Nitasha Tiku · 05/16/14 02:13PM

Last week I downloaded Tentwenty, a newly launched local message board that displays text and photos from anonymous users according to where they are in real time. Scrolling through my sparse feed at home in Brooklyn, I noticed that initial users weren't from the expected tech set, as well as a puzzling number of posts from Tenafly, New Jersey (not traditionally considered an early adopter mecca).

Secret Revenge: Marc Andreessen Smeared App After It Rejected Him

Sam Biddle · 03/28/14 03:10PM

Worrying about the ethics of venture capitalists is a lot like testing the acoustics of outer space. But you'd think the moneyed white men of Silicon Valley would act with a little class when they get turned down—it's just business, right? Not this time.

Marc Andreessen Defends the NSA for Spying

Nitasha Tiku · 01/15/14 01:52PM

Twitter wasn't always Marc Andreessen's jam. His recent bout of 140 character logorrhea came after a lengthy 983 day silent period. But the venture capitalist is back with a vengeance and recently launched a diatribe dismissing people who question the NSA as naive and possibly illiterate.