Class Action Lawsuit Calls 23andMe Misleading, False, and Unscientific

Nitasha Tiku · 12/03/13 11:55AM

It's hard out there for a rule-flouting, heavily financed disruptor. If it's not government regulators, then it's "frivolous lawsuits," amirite? This time, it's a class action lawsuit filed in California accusing 23andMe of "falsely and misleadingly" advertising their $99 genetic tests. The complaint, which asks for at least $5 million, also says the tests are "not supported by any scientific evidence."

FDA Orders Mrs. Google to Stop Selling Dangerous DNA Tests

Sam Biddle · 11/25/13 11:06AM

It's been a very, very bad year for Anne Wojcicki. The wife of Google founder Sergey Brin just went through a blockbuster cheating scandal and the implosion of her marriage, and now the federal government is trying to shutter her shady, Google-funded genome analysis firm.