Investor Wants Yahoo and AOL to Merge Into Single Corporate Catastrophe

Kevin Montgomery · 09/26/14 02:25PM

What happens when you combine two dying '90s internet relics into one conglomerate of uselessness? According an activist investor at Starboard Value, a proposed merger of Yahoo and AOL could see "significant appreciation" in Yahoo's stock price and the revitalization of both brands. How exciting!

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Resists Demonizing Sick Woman

Sam Biddle · 08/07/14 11:14AM

Yesterday's earnings call with shareholders and reporters revealed two AOL bombshells: not only does AOL still exist, but it appears its bullying chief executive is no longer blaming the company's struggles on infirm female employees.

Why Does TechCrunch Let Its Reporters Work for Startups?

Sam Biddle · 05/14/14 11:47AM

Expecting ethical behavior from TechCrunch is like expecting your adopted chimpanzee to not eat your face—unfair to you, unfair to the chimp. Yet, impressively, even after years of sleaze, the Silicon Valley blog of record is still finding new ways to create conflicts of interest.

SXSW In One Photo: Shingy on a Wrecking Ball

Sam Biddle · 03/09/14 05:06PM

Austin, TX — All the brands are here, and form a chorus of undignified pleas for your attention. But why are they bothering? Nothing will beat AOL's race to the bottom like Digital Prophet and escaped muppet David Shing, wobbling on a branded wrecking ball.

This Man Is Representing AOL on Live Television

Sam Biddle · 02/07/14 04:00PM

If you work at AOL, here are two people that make more money than you: Chief Executive Prickhole Tim Armstrong, and this guy, David Shing, who is currently appearing on MSNBC to discuss his aimless, ailing company. This is the face of a dying corporation, convulsing as it goes down.

Tim Armstrong's Salary, in Distressed Babies

Sam Biddle · 02/06/14 05:46PM

Apparently money is tight at AOL, as emergency medical expenses for two complicated pregnancies are enough to justify a 401k downgrade for the whole corporation. But Tim: what about all the money you make?

Co-Chief Eric Eldon Leaving TechCrunch

Sam Biddle · 01/09/14 04:54PM

One half of the heavyweight duo operating Silicon Valley's industry blog of record is making his exit. After a little over two years at the helm alongside Alexia Tsotsis, TechCrunch co-editor Eric Eldon will soon depart the site. He planned to make the news official next week.

The Depressing, Stupid Startups of Hollywood

Sam Biddle · 10/09/13 12:33PM

It used to be that a plodding spot on the celebrity B-list meant endorsements, sad roles, maybe a reality TV gig, or a doomed restaurant—now, of course, the best way to flaunt your former glory is with a superfluous tech company.