This Rap Video Will Make You Never Buy Anything From HTC, Ever

Dan Lyons · 02/04/15 10:29AM

This video praising the virtues of HTC smartphones features an actual rapper, alongside someone who is not an actual rapper. See if you can tell which one is which. My theory is that Samsung, Apple, and Motorola all kicked in to make this video, because watching this makes it impossible for you to own an HTC device without feeling constantly ashamed.

Huge Apple Fan Says Something Critical About Apple

Dan Lyons · 01/05/15 12:49PM

Marco Arment is well-known and well-regarded in Apple fanblogger circles. He's both a developer (he was CTO at Tumblr, and then created Instapaper) and a pundit whose articles often contain footnotes, just like David Foster Wallace. The main thing to know about passionate Apple bloggers and podcasters like Marco Arment is that Rule Number 1 is that you never say anything bad about Apple. That's why today the world of Apple lovers has been shaken to the core — because Marco Arment has violated the prime directive, and declared that Apple's software, well, kind of blows:

Tech Titans Lobby Hard So Privacy Law Won't Hurt Precious Wearables

Kevin Montgomery · 09/24/14 06:15PM

Apple may have only unveiled their long-awaited Watch a few weeks ago, but they're already pushing the government to make sure it isn't subjected to health privacy regulations. According to Politico, companies including Intel, Apple, and Fitbit are pouring millions into lobbying campaigns against regulating wearables like medical devices.

Kevin Montgomery · 09/22/14 03:19PM

UPDATE 6:30pm: Apple has denied TechCrunch's claims that Beats Music is being shut down, saying the report "is not true." Re/code further refuted TechCrunch's story, writing: "Apple won't shutter the streaming service. It may, however, modify it over time, and one of those changes could involved changing the Beats Music brand."

Apple Keeps Steve Jobs' Empty Office Untouched

Sam Biddle · 09/17/14 12:10PM

Like an emotionally abusive high school coach still haunting your anxiety dreams, the specter of Steve Jobs looms over the Apple of today. Maybe preserving his office three years after his death is making that worse.

Four Reasons Not To Give Up Hope If Apple Buys Path

Nitasha Tiku · 09/10/14 12:40PM

Last night, Pando reported that Apple is about to acquire Path, according to a single source in Apple's engineering team. We heard second-hand that Path is at least in talks with Apple. The idea that an app currently ranked no. 177 in the social networking category on iOS might end up in Apple's ion-strengthened embrace has left some in the tech community questioning their life choices.

Clinkle CEO's Statement On Apple Pay Reads Like a Eulogy

Nitasha Tiku · 09/09/14 07:15PM

One of the many gospels Apple delivered to tech bloggers today was Apple Pay. It's a magical sounding mobile payments system that will use near field communication (NFC) to let users pay for things in front of them through their phone. The magic might be lost on child CEO Lucas Duplan, who raised more than $30 million for Clinkle by telling venture capitalists he could do the same thing. He has not.

How Apple Owns the Media

Sam Biddle · 09/04/14 01:13PM

In about a week, Apple will announce a new phone. This will become national news, and coverage of a piece of metal, plastic and glass will dwarf that of human suffering here and abroad. You've probably already read some exciting things about the iPhone 6, even though it doesn't technically exist yet, and is a "big secret." That's not an accident—Apple makes reporters do their advertising.