The App Gold Rush Is Over

Kevin Montgomery · 08/20/14 05:15PM

If the App Store presented developers with a potential river of revenue when it launched six years ago, it's little more than a trickle today. The Financial Times says profits are "squeezed" as the App Store becomes more "industrialized."

Tinder Is Full of Robot Prostitutes

Gabriel Luis Manga · 07/24/14 01:47PM

I moved back to New York from Cairo in January of 2014, and among the biggest culture shocks was American Tinder. In Cairo, there was the occasional woman, mostly Russian tourists on holiday, using the mobile dating app; in New York, I met a torrent of instant flirtation. Patterns emerged: apparently almost every woman under 30 in this city "Loves whiskey," is really into Hallmark-caliber affirmation quotes, and fake moustaches. Tinder seemed like a lot of work. So much swiping, so much chatting, only to be disappointed in the flesh.

Tech PR Dummies: Sharing Your Purchases Is "New Form of Swagger"

Sam Biddle · 07/22/14 10:30AM

In an ideal world, people would only make things that were good and that other people wanted to use. Until then, we've got public relations professionals who help pitch ideas like "PeepMe," an app for showing people how much money you spend.

Nitasha Tiku · 04/07/14 10:15AM

Investor Semil Shah has christened a new category of startups. By the power vested in him by TechCrunch, all apps that help users to summon goods and services will henceforth be part of the lucrative "Tap Your Phone, Get Stuff" family.

Silicon Valley Can't Stop Shit-Talking Itself on This New App

Sam Biddle · 02/06/14 11:54AM

Posting secrets anonymously is an old idea on the internet, but Secret is special for one reason: so far it's completely taken over by gossiping techies, early adopters with lots of bile to unload. It's part therapy, part confession, part defamation, and it's a lot of fun to eavesdrop.

Bieber's Selfie App Is a Total Dud

Sam Biddle · 12/05/13 10:40AM

A fawning, sprawling writeup from TechCrunch and the co-sign of a pop boy-deity looks like it wasn't enough: the hyper-hyped Shots of Me app is already sliding into oblivion.

Stanford Mole Blows Clinkle's $25 Million Secret

Sam Biddle · 09/30/13 01:48PM

Ask the brassy Stanford CS department about Clinkle, the student project that's taken $25 million in venture capital and produced nothing but a video, and they'll tell you they hate it. They hate it enough, apparently, to show the world what it looks like: