Homeless Silicon Valley Couple Triumphs Against All Odds

Leah Finnegan · 04/09/15 09:45AM

Prerna Gupta and her husband Parag Chordia own a company that makes iPhone apps. Their most famous app is Songify, which made them very rich—so rich that they faced every rich person's nightmare: they began to struggle with the meaning of possessions and money.

Rebirth of the Shitheads: Silicon Villains Get a Second Chance

Sam Biddle · 02/20/14 12:03PM

Every morning some startup founder rises and thanks our species for its short attention span. If we didn't forget the innumerable failures of yesterday, who would ever fund their close cousins today? The same goes for the people behind the debacles—people like our old friends Peter Shih and Greg Gopman, who are already banking on amnesia, if not amnesty.